Let's try this again

Since the libraries were closed for snow when we were suppose to have our book to movie marathon on December 19th, it is now rescheduled for the Monday after Christmas, December 28th, when you will be at home bored with nothing to do. There will be pizza and soda available but you can bring food along to share with the group. Also, if you want, bring a folding chair as it may be more comfortable than the plastic chairs. It will be held at the Grove Family Library from 12 - 4 pm. We will be watching Stardust & Coraline.

Something to look forward to

We are postponing the Benefit Concert on December 19th until sometime in 2010. We will let ya'll know as soon as a date is set. We will still have the movies that afternoon at Grove Family Library from 12 - 4 pm. Also look to the right and you can see what is being planned for January - March 2010. If you have an idea for future activities, please leave a comment. Or if you are adventurous, come to the next teen board meeting this Thursday, 6 pm at Coyle Free Library.

Its a Neil Gaimen type of day

We will be watching Stardust & Coraline at the Grove Family Library on December 19th from 12 - 4 pm. There will be plenty of popcorn, candy and soda. Should be a imaginatively good time.

We will, we will, ROCK YOU!

On December 19th, we will be hosting a benefit concert to raise funds for "The Board". "The Board" is a group of teens who get together twice a month to plan activities for other teens at the libraries. We are in need of money to provide bigger and better activities. The band that will be performing is Thy Sins, a classic rock band from Waynesboro. It will be held at the Grove Family Library from 7 - 8 pm. Tickets cost $5. Contact me at dbigham@fclspa.org if you are interested in a ticket.

Na Na Na Nanananaaa, Nanananaaa, Hey Jude

Come and play Beatles Rock Band this Saturday, November 21st from 2 - 4 pm at the Grove Family Library. Be Paul, John, Ringo or George, it's your choice. You can play like the rock star that you are.

Also, if you are so inclined, we will be collecting scarves, gloves, mittens, and caps to be donated to the Salvation Army at this event.

Come on ... I know you want to ...

make fun of Pee Wee's Big Adventure. Make all the wise cracks you want while watching the movie ... it's allowed. I know it is Homecoming for CASHS but who wants to sit out in the cold all evening. We'll have popcorn and hot chocolate (for free). What can be better than that? Nothing I can think of. So hope to see you on October 23rd at 6 pm. We will be upstairs of the Coyle Free Library.

Bring it!

Bring your water gun to Norlo Park in Fayetteville for a rousing game of capture the flag. We will be starting @ 2 pm. It is a guaranteed good time!

Watch Twilight Free!

Satisfy your Twilight craving before New Moon comes out in theaters. And the best thing is that it is free, sweet! Afterwards there will be discussion groups on making healthy choices in relationships (if you stay you have a chance of winning some awesome prizes).

Things to come

Here are the winners of the grand prizes of this summer's teen summer reading program.

16 GB flash drive - Jeanna
MP3 player - Lorena
Digital picture keychain - Fawn

And congratulations to all those who won the $10 gift cards each week.

Now it is time to look at what we will be doing this fall!

Our next activity will be Water gun capture the flag. We will be playing at Norlo Park in Fayetteville on September 19th from 2 - 4 pm. Meet at the small pavilion by the tennis courts. You will need your own water gun.

Lastly, are you bored? Then join "The Board" and help plan activities for teens in the libraries. We will be meeting again on August 27th at the Coyle Free Library at 6 pm (go upstairs). There is always pizza available so you won't go hungry.

Got spooky?

Join us to listen to ghost stories told by Mike Albert. We may even go and visit the gallows over at the Old Jail. We will be meeting at the Coyle Free Library on Friday, August 14th at 7 pm.

Then on September 19th from 2 - 4 pm, we will have Water Gun Capture the Flag at Norlo Park, Fayetteville. Don't worry, more info about this activity and the rest of the fall schedule will be coming soon.

Can you fly on a broom?

Twelve people came out to Norlo Park in Fayetteville Tuesday to play quidditch, muggle style. Below is a video of the event. If enough interest is shown, I may be willing to hold another quidditch match. Comment and let me know.

D&D Night

Come on out to Coyle Free Library on Saturday July 11th at 6 pm for a Dungeons & Dragons tournament! The first time we played d&d at the library, we had a awesome time. Just show up. We'll help you out playing if you haven't played before.

And the winners are ...

The winners of our 3rd Annual Student Film Fest are:

1st Place: Sgt. Pink: The Battle Begins
2nd Place: Goughbusters
3rd Place: My Emo Valentine's Day

The winners will be contacted to determine how to pick up their prizes.

Sign-up and keep track of all your summer reads online

This year you can sign-up and keep track of all your summer reads online by clicking the image below!

Teen SRP

Step 1: Sign-up online

Starting on June 15th, go to www.fclspa.org and click on Teen Resources at the top of the site. You will find a link to the teen summer reading program page. Click on that link and then click on sign me up. Fill out all the necessary information and click save. You are now registered for the program.

Step 2: Read Books

Step 3: Log Books Online

Go to the same place where you signed up for the program and log in with your username and password. Click Add/View Log and fill out the log.

With each log entry you will be entered into a prize drawing. Each Friday starting on July 3rd to August 7th, two names will be randomly drawn to win a $10 gift card. The gift cards that you may possibly win are:

Target, Wal-Mart, Starbucks, Sheetz, Rita’s, Waldenbooks/Borders

We will have 3 grand prizes drawn on the last day, August 14th. The prizes will be an 4 GB mp3 player, 16 GB flash drive, and digital photo keychain.

If you read and logged at least one book, you get a free movie rental! You will be mailed your coupon in August. Take it to your local public library to get your free DVD rental. (If you are under sixteen you will need to have a parent or guardian present when you get your movie.)

Vote for your favorite short film

Watch these three films and vote on which one you like the most. Below are all the videos and the bottom is the link to vote. Voting is open until Saturday with the winner to be announced on Monday. The winner will win a $50 gift, 2nd prize $25 gift card, and 3rd prize $10 gift card, all to Target.

(Goughbusters had its audio removed due to some of its background music. Still watch the video, I think you can understand what is happening without the sound.)

School is almost out & summer is coming ...

We have planned an excellent summer full of activities across Franklin County. Check out the list below. Email me at dbigham@fclspa.org if you have any questions.

Saturday, June 6th @ 3 - 5 pm
3rd Annual Student Film Festival
Coyle Free Library
Create your own film and you may win a gift card to Target. For all the rules and regulations and to register your film, register over on the right.

Saturday, June 13th @ 9 pm - Midnight
Bowling Party
Lincoln Lanes Bowling Center
Celebrate school being over by coming to our bowling party. You will need to sign-up beforehand so register over on the right. IT IS FREE as Healthy Communities Partnership is sponsoring this event.

Monday, June 15th @ 6pm
Crafts - Painter Hats

Fort Loudon Library
This craft is messy so wear old clothes.

Thursday, June 25 @ 2 - 4 pm
Graffiti Our...Bookends

Besore Memorial Library
Here’s your chance to spray paint the library...almost. The bookends in the teen area are pretty dull. It’s your job to spice them up! We provide the spray paint, you bring the ideas. Who said librarians don’t know how to have fun?

Monday, June 29th @ 6pm
Crafts - Hot Pot Mat with Miss Bernice

Fort Loudon Library

Monday, July 6th @ 6 pm
Crafts - T-Shirts

Fort Loudon Library
You will need a clean white T-shirt and wear old clothes as it could get messy.

Thursday, July 9 @ 2 - 4 pm
Transform a T-shirt

Besore Memorial Library
It’s time for you to wear your own work of art. You bring a t-shirt. We’ll have stuff to destroy it. Then we’ll help you put it back together even better than before.

Saturday, July 11th @ 6 - 8:30 pm
Dungeons & Dragons Game Day

Coyle Free Library Dungeon Master Jeremiah will be leading the group in the game Dungeons & Dragons. Don’t worry if you have never played before as we will help you learn.

Tuesday, July 14th @ 3 - 6 pm
Muggle Quidditch

Norlo Park - Fayetteville
Come celebrate the release of the sixth Harry Potter movie by creating a team of seven friends to play muggle quidditch. All you need is your own broom. To register your team, go to link to the right.

Thursday, July 23 @ 2 - 4 pm
Ice Cream & Game Social

Besore Memorial Library You know it’s gonna be hot by the end of July. Who wouldn’t want free ice cream and a chance to hang out with your friends? We’ll have Wii, Guitar Hero and tons of board games.

Monday, July 27th @ 6 pm
Crafts - Bubble Wrap Pillow
Fort Loudon Library Bring whatever you would like to put in your pillow, clean candy wrappers, snack bags, movie or concert tickets etc.

Thursday, August 6 @ 6-7 pm
Photography Contest Open House

Besore Memorial Library It’s what you’ve been waiting all summer for! Did you take a photo for the contest? Come see all the photography entries from our area teens and find out who will go home a winner.

Friday, August 14th, 7 - 8:30 pm
Ghost Talk with Mike Albert

Coyle Free Library
Interested in the spooky? This event is for you. Hear ghost stories from around Franklin County. Mike Albert is a local historic preservationist who owns Historic Preservation Services.

Announcing ...

For more information, check out the link to the right.

Free Comic Book Day

Come & Get a Free Comic Book

Watch The Dark Knight

Grove Family Library
May 2, 2009
2 - 5 pm

Dungeons & Dragons cont'd

Below is an email from April about getting ready for Dungeons & Dragons.

ok here is the d and d info u want:

Every person must chose a race for their character.

Halfling (hobbit)
Characters can be bi racial. Just remember to use common sense. Can't have a half Ogre half Gnome. Not really possible now is it?

Also each charcter must choose a class.

Ranger (Aragorn)
Cleric (Divine magic user)
Paladin (Holy Crusader)

Don't think I missed anything. Let me know who wants what kind of character and they must choose a name also.

Email me soon with your choices so I can forward it all to the guy so he can roll up your numbers needed for the game.

You can email me (Denice) at dbigham@fclspa.org with the info and I will forward it on to April.

Dungeons & Dragons Game Night

Where: upstairs in the Coyle Free Library
When: April 23rd from 4:30 - 8 pm
Who: Any teens who want to play. We will teach you how if you have never played Dungeons and Dragons before.


"The Board" will be meeting this Thursday at 6 pm at Coyle Free Library. I got the notes from last meeting and it looks like a lot of decisions were made. Of course there will be pizza and soda provided.

We got a new look

I get tired of how a blog looks quickly so decided what would be a little more splashy. So here it is. Hope you like.

That is sooo funny!

Come to the Grove Family Library the evening of March 6th for some improv games. And don't worry there will be food and drink.

We meet again ...

Our next meeting will be next Thursday (Feb. 12) at 6 pm at Coyle (hope this doesn’t cause confusion but the room is now available earlier). We will need to figure out the last pieces of the Anti-Valentine’s Day party and make sure the movie is ready to go. Also we will have a guest to discuss a video contest. Don’t forget that we have a party on Feb. 14th from 2 – 4 pm at Coyle and an improv night on March 6th from 5:30 – 8 pm at Grove. There is also a chance to partner with some local bands when they perform at the Capitol Theater in April (hopefully I will have more information by next week). Look forward to seeing ya next week.

What becomes of the broken hearted?

No loved one to spend time with on Valentine's Day? Come to our Anti-Valentine's Day Party.

We will be watching a anti-valentine videos and playing anti-valentine games.

No love involved.

When: February 14th, 2 - 4 pm
Where: Coyle Free Library

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