moving to tubmlr

The blog is going to be on tumblr now because it is more interactive and blogger gives me grief.  I'll leave this up for another week or so in case anyone actually does check it and then it's GONE.

Tumblr url:

New Books!!

I'll be putting them on the shelf as soon as I can. 

There will be changes to graphic novel check-out policies though, you can only take 3 GNs per series out at a time.  I'm trying to minimize thievery so that we can all enjoy the manga.

Updates & Trailer

Check all around for updates to the blog.

Here is the trailer for The Lego Movie which we'll be going to see in February:

Closing Early

The library is closing at 5pm today so tonight's Book Club and Board Games is cancelled! 

Don't forget, next week is anime night.

And be prepared for renovations in the teen area in the coming weeks...I have plans.

New Events added for the New Year

from Teens @ Coyle!

January events have been added to the upcoming events page, there is still one potential program to be added after I've gone over the details and determined whether or not it can happen and how it will go.  Check them out and mark them in your calendar.  We've got a big year ahead of us, let's make it count (a.k.a. let's watch all the movies we want and go to Comic Con in Philly if at all possible this year!)

Don't forget to check out the facebook page and post here or there with any ideas, comments or questions.

Enjoy your winter vacation, don't go crazy with the hot cocoa and cookies.  

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